Special events deserve to be recorded by Camera-Magic’s outstanding photographers who truly appreciate that their professional expertise and personal commitment will create a visual record of the wedding, prom, party or celebration for everyone to savour as time goes by. Camera-Magic are consummate professionals and plan every single aspect of photographing events of all types including having additional team members present – so nothing escapes the attention of the lens and each memorable moment is captured forever.

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Social events are usually milestones in the life of an individual, a family or a group of friends. For generations, photographs have told the story of love, life and progression through the years. John Keen is foremost in his generation of photographers in being able to capture every nuance, look and emotion through his finely honed skills and deftly used cameras.

Charity galas, Proms and Balls also benefit from photography throughout the event. Guests often appreciate being able to buy images as reminders of a special night. Camera-Magic will help you to make any event a success. Guests can be photographed as they arrive or are greeted by their Hosts, as well as during the event itself. Touch screen monitors are set up so guests can see the gallery of images and select any they wish to have. These are immediately printed for them and presented with a permanent reminder of a special evening. Camera-Magic will also donate a percentage of the purchase price of photographs’ taken at a charity event.

Weddings have long relied on photography to capture the happiness and emotion of what is the most important day in the life of a couple but also for the families and friends who love them. In addition to photographing every aspect, detail and element which makes a perfect wedding day – with support photographers assisting John in the hours before, during and after the Ceremony – the style of photography can be chosen by the Bride and Groom.

Whether it is a traditional approach, an informal style or a special album ‘finish’, the theme of the wedding will be reflected in every perfect image. If you are looking for a team of photographers who will effortlessly follow you through your Wedding Day, Camera-Magic will be the perfect choice. All you will need to do is sit down with John and talk about your wishes for the photography. Camera-Magic will attend your wedding rehearsal too, and create a ‘story board’ of all the photographs you want so nothing will be missed.