Camera-Magic has an outstanding reputation for its videography services, including concept discussions and making the perfect filming plan for any location, in advance of the shoot itself. John Keen and his team specialise in filming material that will be used for commercials, at seminars, during exhibitions and more. From sport to sponsorship, infomercials to inspirational messages, Camera-Magic adds a special touch to any video.

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Camera-Magic is a preferred source of photography in the film industry and advertising world. Again, using video cameras and lighting which are perfect for your location and promotional purpose, John will bring a creative, imaginative approach to any project you are responsible for. He can visualise concepts you have developed and will portray them through film – or in photographs. It is this rare ability which has made him the photographer of choice for commercial shoots for everything from food photography to music videos, documentaries to infomercials, and more.

The sheer wealth of experience within the Camera-Magic team seems to have no bounds; you can be sure from the outset that John and all of his colleagues will immediately ‘get it’ and work hard to deliver exactly what you need. Years of working with video in locations with highly specific geographic and prevailing light conditions, both in the UK and in other countries, means a Camera-Magic crew will be fully aware in advance of what it will take to complete a project quickly, within budget and with perfect end results. Presentations and Seminars require an entirely different approach but, as you would expect, Camera-Magic is a firm favourite with professional organisers and commercial organisations that need an on-site team to set up, film and produce a permanent record of speakers and delegates’ reactions. Again, the quality of equipment needs to equal the ability of the video recording specialists, and when you use Camera-Magic you can be absolutely certain that nothing will be missed.